August has been a busy month for the Club.

Harbour Day Memorable for a number of reasons! The new organisers allocated us a new site right at the entrance of the Harbour, against the RNLI Boat House. Not only that but we had a demonstration pool made for us of straw bales and plastic sheeting which the Fire Brigade kindly filled for us on Friday Evening. Despite our mis-givings, it was still there, intact, on Saturday Morning! The pool did leak a little and we were indebted to the Dinghy Store for the loan of their hose pipe to keep it topped up.

And it did rain a bit!!!! Click here to see just how it rained!!!!!!IMG_7399

But a good day, despite the rain, an excellent turnout by members and we have been invited back for 2018.


And of course someone had to have a paddle.IMG_5043



And many younger visitors took a turn at “playing boats”, and nobody fell in despite it getting crowded at times. We had visitors from far & wide including Russia & Germany.MRH DSC_1654IMG_5051

Canterbury Model Engineering Club The Club were again invited to attend this two day event with several members taking the opportunity to camp on site over the weekend.

Regatta Day Good weather and lots of interest from the public although the number of visiting clubs was down on previous years. The best visiting model was judged to be TITANIC by Richard Slater. He had re-built Titanic following a catastrophic accident at last years event when it was sent crashing to the ground by the wind. Photo’s are from Tim..


Dover Transport Museum Open Day Some members attended this new event. Thanks to Rachel Brunger for these shots……………….